Works in Progress I’m Excited About

A spiritually oriented life story:
“King of Christmas” ornament impresario Christopher Radko’s amazing memoir, Life’s a Work of Heart

The harrowing firsthand account of the San Francisco hospital ward at the center of the deadly 1980s AIDS epidemic–patients, clinicians, and researchers in the middle of the political and cultural wars waged on their behalf, as told by its  co-principal investigator: epidemiologist Andrew Moss’s Ward 86

A noted feminist critic’s engaging account of the surprising, often risky life roles she adopted in a restless quest to forge her true identity:  from Bronx schoolgirl, country western singer, and bohemian nomad to college professor, mother, Freudian analyst and happy late life partner: Claire Kahane’s Nine Lives (Brandyvine Press: in press).


Praise for Victoria Nelson

“I doubt there is a more effective, visionary editor of texts anywhere in the country.”

“She understands the entire cognitive range that stretches from a brilliant idea to accurate yet dazzling written expression.”

“The perfect editor.”

“An editor extraordinaire.”

And this just in from spiritual author Paul Selig (I Am the Word): “I can’t think of a better writing mentor, coach, or editor than Victoria Nelson.”